Connect with Top Cable Assembly Experts For Advanced Solutions

With our extensive expertise, Novara Technologies is able to offer the most advanced interconnect solutions to our customers. 

A global company based in the UK, our specialists provide a wide range of custom interconnect solutions, including overmoulded cables, which are durable and reliable.

Popular in a wide variety of industries, our overmoulded cables protect against a variety of environmental stressors, including extreme temperatures, abrasion and corrosion- issues that can cause premature ageing and eventually cause components to fail.

Overmoulding also provides improved strain relief and can prevent water/ dust ingress and tampering. We can also provide those with improved flame retardant properties and resistance to UV degradation. Our cable assembly experts offer many options when it comes to customisation, including:

  • PCBa
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Latching features and strain reliefs
  • Company logo integration
  • Colour matched schemes and a wide choice of moulding materials

Our products also include discreet cable assemblies. 

These assemblies are used to connect various electrical components within a system, ensuring reliable and efficient transmission of signals or power. They’re used in many different market sectors, including medical, automotive, industrial and consumer electronics.

Discrete cable assemblies offer many advantages, including the fact they simplify complex wiring. By bundling multiple wires into a single assembly, installation and maintenance become easier. It also reduces clutter and helps maintain an organised and tidy system layout.

Custom assemblies can be designed to meet specific environmental and performance requirements, ensuring improved reliability. It also makes maintenance easier. Discreet cable assemblies improve the troubleshooting and replacement processes.

Our other popular solutions include wiring looms and intelligent assemblies. 

If you’re looking for experienced cable assembly specialists, find out more about Novara Technologies. Or simply contact our friendly team for more information.