Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Here at Novara Technologies Ltd we pride ourselves on being one of the leading cable assembly manufacturers, but you’ll have to give us a try for yourselves and you won’t regret it! We provide the highest quality cable assembly solutions with customer service that is equally as impressive.

If you’re not quite sure what you need? Our expert team of engineers are always available to assist you with any technical queries and can advise what type of assembly connectors and cables will be most suitable for your specific needs.  From creation of a prototype to final production, you will rest assured knowing you and your business are in safe hands.

We also offer a vast range of solutions including:-

  1. Cable assemblies for the medical device assembly – meeting the high standards necessary for the medical industry.  Our medical cable assemblies can be manufactured in our ISO 7 cleanroom to ensure superior levels of cleanliness and reduced levels of bio-burden. We are accredited with ISO13485 quality management systems, which ensures that we follow the medical device industry recognised standard.
  2. Various other manufacturing solutions – including flexible printed circuits, PCB assembly, mechanical box build assembly, sheet metal fabrications, custom designed packaging, plastic injection mouldings and many more.
  3. Custom cable assembly – for various industries including consumer electronics, industrial equipment, automotive, communications devices and motorsport.
  4. USB4 cable assemblies designed with the next generation of high-speed equipment and hardware in mind, bringing a much faster level of performance to the connectivity world.

For all your cable assembly needs, call us today on 0333 200 1629 and one of our team will be happy to assist you.  Alternatively, you can email any queries you have to