Are You Seeking Trusted Overmolded Cable Manufacturers?

A leading company for the design and manufacture of cable products, Novara Technologies regularly supply overmolded cables to clients all over the world.

Overmolding involves injecting plastic material into a mold cavity under a significant amount of pressure, and must be done correctly to produce the finest quality products. This process has vastly improved the appearance, design and the functionality of cables over the last few years.

Benefits of overmolding include providing more attractive finishes, improving the ergonomics, better colour aesthetics and brand identification. It also improves the functionality by providing strain relief, vibration dampening and ingress protection.

Our team at Novara Technologies Ltd are always happy to talk you through this process and the products we have available.

Our overmolded cables always have a secure fit and are ideal for use in harsher environments. They’re guaranteed to offer superior protection against damage and the surrounding environment.

We offer a full customisation service so your cables will meet your exact specifications. Our team has the knowledge and skills to manufacture a variety of interconnect solutions.

Our overmolded cables are always produced to the finest possible standards. Whether you need standard products or those made with your branding, our manufacturing team can help.

If you need a manufacturer of overmolded cables, why not find out more about Novara Technologies Ltd today? Or contact our team for more information.