A Trusted Manufacturer Of Overmoulded Cables

Overmolding can improve both the appearance and functionality of cable assemblies. Over the last several decades, it’s become an increasingly important process.

Carried out using the injection molding process, it ensures your cable assemblies to have improved functionality, including:

  • Making them more attractive, including the option for the inclusion of corporate logos or trade names. These will form part of the overmold itself. There are many design options available for overmoulded cables, which Novara Technologies covers.
  • Making them impervious to liquids, making overmolded cables ideal for harsher environments.
  • Giving them the ability to endure vibrations, shocks or continual flexing without damage to the termination point.

Novara Technologies Ltd will ensure that the overmold meets all the latest safety standards. We cover the entire process from prototype through to full production.

Our overmoulded cables are renowned for their exceptional reliability, enhanced environmental protection and a heightened professional appearance. We can also ensure they have improved strain relief, water and dust ingress protection, tamper proofing, improved flame retardant properties and resistance to UV degradation.

Our team also offers additional services such as cable design, drawing creation, new product introduction and project management.

If you need a manufacturer of overmoulded cables, simply contact our friendly team for more information.