A Low Cost Cable Assembly Service In The UK

Need to partner up with a leading cable assembly manufacturer?

Whether your company requires overmolded or discreet cables, Novara Technologies offers a wide range of solutions. Specialising in the finest quality cable assembly manufacturing, our components are used by companies across the UK and beyond.

Industries we cover include the medical sector for whom we produce everything from single-use disposable assemblies and custom mouldings, to discrete wire assemblies and bespoke cables.

Our low-cost cable assembly service is ideal for companies in a wide range of industries.

Popular products include over-moulded cable assemblies which protect valuable components from factors such as extreme temperatures, shocks and vibrations, abrasion and corrosion. Not only enhancing the appearance of cables, they ensure that they last for as long as possible in harsher environments. They will also have exceptional strain relief, water and dust ingress protection.

Despite being able to offer low production costs, we never compromise on quality. Our team at Novara Technologies transform concepts and specifications using the finest design engineering, prototyping and production.

Our bespoke design and manufacturing service offers a complete end-to-end product lifecycle solution. We cover everything from testing and calibration to packaging, stocking and distribution.

If you need specialists in bespoke cable assemblies, discover more about Novara Technologies or contact our team for more information.