A Knowledgeable Team for Electromechanical Assembly Services

Do you need to open up new design possibilities for your electronics?

Having been combining electronics into cable assemblies for many years, Novara Technologies is ideal for companies seeking new technologies with further integrated capabilities. We regularly help clients realise the potential of a design and can often provide ideas which have been previously overlooked. 

Our electromechanical engineers produce a number of intelligent assemblies to take your products to the next level. We have a talented team who work with companies from a number of industries to produce industry-leading cable assemblies. 

Experienced experts in innovative electromechanical solutions. 

Our work includes ensuring that electronics are protected in potentially harsh environments.Solutions include ingress protection from fluids and dust with our injection moulding, overmoulding and encapsulation technology.

Other solutions include low pressure overmoulding which is the most cost effective method for providing protection for PCB electronics exposed to harsh environments.

Novara Technologies Ltd is always interested in new business opportunities and works with everything from start-up organisations to global companies.

If you need reliable and affordable electromechanical assembly services, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.